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FIRST News No. 5 (November 2012)

Stories: Firstfruits—New Season; Goodbye from Rachel; Weekend Away; Volunteers Needed!


FIRST News No. 4 (April 2012)

Stories: Cake sale; Stories from Rosy, Cat and Andrew; Becky’s Job; Mel’s New Chapter; Vision Day; Thanks from Rachel.


FIRST News No. 3 (July 2011)

Stories: Stories from Becky and Kerrie; Nkini Moving out; Anna Moving in; Nkini’s Marathon Fundraiser; Tim’s take on the Taff Trail; Former Resident Nicola; Thanks from Rachel.


FIRST News No. 2 (September 2010)

Stories: Stories from Jan H and Jan M; Becky Moving out; Deah Moving in; House Residents N and J; Mother and Toddler Group; Thanks from Rachel.


FIRST News No. 1 (November 2009)

Faces; Information; Recent and Upcoming Events; Stories; Thanks.