Important News:

Firstfruits has always been a part of the Glenwood Faith Community, based around Glenwood Church, Cardiff.   Since moving out of our house in November 2012, we have been re-focusing in order to provide a support, befriending and mentoring  service.  At the same time, Glenwood Church has been developing its pastoral strategy, expanding to offer similar services.  It is a natural progression for us to join with Glenwood Church in order to provide these services together.  By joining together, we can help with a wider range of issues and gain from each others experiences so that we can help you better.


For an interim period, those that would like help from Firstfruits can still contact us using the details on this website, however in the future those that would like our help can go straight to Glenwood’s pastoral team.


We’ll still be here, just under a different name...



Please note:  We regret that we’re no longer able to provide residential accommodation.